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If you are like us then you are constantly striving to be the best version of yourself.

But sometimes exercise, diet and a healthy amount of sleep just don't get us there (or are too difficult to keep up).

This is where Sea Moss can lend a helping hand. Just 2 servings a day can replace all of those annoying-to-count synthetic tablets, with 92 minerals, and plenty of health boosting properties, this is just the thing you need.



We first started using Sea Moss as a supplement to our daily lives, however after researching the traditional uses and speaking to experts there is a clear trend that this plant is much more than just a supplement.

With research studies linking it to treating dementia, reducing cancer rates, improving heart function and helping maintain healthy thyroid action, we've changed the way we use our products.

It's not a supplement any more, it's a necessity.



When we started on our journey to become vegan many of our friends lamented over how few sweet treats we would be able to enjoy.

Of course, there are thousands of vegan recipes that help deliver this, but they were right, none of them tasted quite the same.

Step in Irish Sea Moss.

With its ability to create silky smooth and creamy sauces, mousses, and desserts it really is a game changer.

Plus it is a fantastic animal free source of collagen!

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